Platinum set Diamond Art Deco ring - Matthew Weldon
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Platinum set Diamond Art Deco ring

Appraised value: 9,200.00


Platinum set Diamond Art Deco Plaque 3 Stone ring


The Art Deco era was really a time where jewellery was seen to celebrate both creativity of the jewleler and preciousness of the stones. Pieces were designed to highlight both the brilliance and the beauty and this piece really is an example of this. The platinum plaque ring is a feature piece. Encorporating diamonds into such geometrical and symetrical shapes and patterns, really does take imagination and logistics. It is a standout piece certain to attract everyones attention. Set in platinum as Deco pieces are for both its sheer strength and adaptabilty. Platinum was the favoured metal in the Deco era as the intricite work and detail would be lost with any other metal, deemed ‘too soft’ for the realism and detail.

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Diamond ring

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Art deco





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Round Brilliant

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