Emerald and diamond three stone ring - Matthew Weldon

Emerald and diamond three stone ring

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Colombian emerald and 2.4cts diamond ring


This emerald and diamond three stone ring is a real show stopper. That said it does still maintain a very classy look. It is understated quality.

Set with a 2.5ct emerald which is certed as Colombian in origin and moderate enhancement (almost all to the point of saying all emeralds are enhanced, a moderate enhancement is a very positive attribute) and two diamonds which are each est. as 1.2ct, G/H and VS : the content of this ring is fabulous.

More than that though are the proportions of the ring which are beautifully distributed, flattering everyfinger and suiting almost any hand.

When we source coloured stones we are very particular about them. The emphasis on depth of colour is paramount and we reject any stone which is substandard in colour. Very few make the cut but this is certainly one of them.

If you are in the market for a quality emerald ring, make sure to check this one out. We are based in Powerscourt Townhouse centre just off South William Street in Dublins only dedicated antique gallery.

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Emerald ring

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18kt Gold


Emerald and diamond

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Emerald cut and round stones

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MW Authenticity report and GCS report for the emerald

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