Emerald and diamond five stone - Matthew Weldon
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Emerald and diamond five stone

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Victorian emerald and diamond antique ring set in 18kt gold


Emerald?s lush green has soothed souls and excited imaginations since it was first mined in 300BC. This superb antique Emerald and diamond 5 stone ring reinforces this theory to no end. The rich green of the emeralds and the brilliance of the diamonds brings the wearer a sense of calm and entertainment. Paired with the beautiful workmanship of the band which was created in the Victorian era, the owner of this piece has a true reflection of the beauty and decadence of that time.
This amazing antique piece is in pristine condition, one could hardly believe it is well over 100 years old. You will not be able to stop looking at the piece once put on your finger which is great as we now know the colour green is believed to relieve stress and eye strain. What a winning piece of jewellery.
Here at Courtville we love sharing our knowledge of antique and vintage pieces, and strive to have a collection to suit all tastes. We are located in the Powerscourt Townhouse if you wish to try any of our antique or vintage pieces on, or they can also be purchased online through our website.

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Victorian emerald and diamond ring

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18kt Gold


Emerald, Diamond

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Emerald Round Cut and Old European Cut

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