Cushion cut engagement ring - Matthew Weldon
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Cushion cut engagement ring

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Antique 1.2ct F/G VS cushion cut diamond ring in 18kt yellow gold


It isn’t everyday you get one of these in the door. A truly beautiful cushion cut diamond ring. Original antique cushion cuts of this quality are extremely rare and so difficult to come across. Especially in the original setting and of this size!

Cushion cuts that are antique are typically “free cut”. Which means that there is no prescribed format to their shape. As such you are guaranteed that you are getting a gem which is totally unique. In addition they have the most amazing chunky facets which give a breathtaking fire within the stone. This diamond was orginally cut c. 1860.

This antique engagement ring also features a lush yellow gold a setting which really shows off the diamond to it’s maximum.

Our in-house diamond expert has assessed this diamond as 1.2cts, F/G in colour and VS in clarity.

We opened the back of this ring in order to allow someone to try it on who was in store the day it came in.

If you are looking a for a unique engagement ring that cannot be replicated well then come into our store in Powerscourt Townhouse Centre in the Antique Gallery on the first floor and try on this piece. The person who buys this ring will get an instant heirloom that can be passed on for generations.

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Diamond solitaire ring

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18kt Gold



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Antique cushion cut

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