Almandine garnet signet ring - Matthew Weldon
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Almandine garnet signet ring

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Antique almandine garnet, 18kt gold signet ring


Almandine garnet really is a special stone. When found in a dark reddish or purple colour it is deemed most valuable and possess these colours naturally. As it is the hardest form of garnet therefore we are lucky some of the beautiful jewellery made in the Victorian era still exists today.

This antique signet ring is made in 18kt gold. The almandine garnet has a stunning reddish purple hue. It is date marked and so shows us the fashion and style that was present in 1894. It truly is a statement of the times.

At Courtville we love sourcing unusual and beautiful gemstones and jewellery. This antique ring is just one example of what we have on sale both online and in store. We are located in the Powerscourt Townhouse, Dublin.

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Signet ring

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18kt yellow gold


Almandine garnet

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