18kt Gold Antique Sapphire Diamond Cluster ring - Matthew Weldon
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18kt Gold Antique Sapphire Diamond Cluster ring

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18kt Gold set Sapphire 0.7ct Est Diamond Antique Cluster c1915


This Antique Sapphire and Diamond ring radiates elegance from the first glance. The Sapphires icy blue is enhanced even more by the emerald cut, drawing the wearers eye in and down into its depth. It is framed by stunning metal works, incorporating the 18kt gold from the band around the Sapphire.

This then draws the eye out to the cluster of diamonds which continues the tone of angular look.
The 18kt gold band is beautiful in its own right too, subtle circular details contrast so effortlessly with the angular face and soften hard corners and lines. The band itself, simple in design still carries the features of the Edwardian era as it graduates to the centre of the ring. A beautiful ring that is sure to please.

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Sapphire ring

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18kt Gold


Sapphire and Diamond

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Emerald and Round brilliant

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