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One of the most important pieces of jewellery two people will ever get is a wedding band so you want it to be right. We make hand crafted bespoke wedding bands suited to each person which will last for generations. We incorporate classic designs and use traditional methods to put a modern twist on vintage ideals.

Gents wedding bands
We make each ring to fit comfortably on the hand. Many gents are not used to wearing rings and we have designed our wedding bands to fit very comfortably, to be stylish and to last for years to come. At Matthew Weldon we have a quality selection of vintage mens wedding bands to suit your own individual style. Come and see our unique mens wedding rings for sale in Powerscourt Shopping Centre, Dublin.

Unique Mens Wedding Rings For Sale

Ladies Wedding Bands
Our vintage wedding bands for women are all handmade and custom fit to your exact requirements. Whether it is something with diamonds, a classic plain band or something with a splash of colour it is a ring that will be worn on all occasions and a design that must maintain it's classic and elegance over years to come. Visit Matthew Weldon and view our vintage ladies wedding bands in Powerscourt Shopping Centre, Dublin.

Vintage Wedding Bands For Women

Bridal jewellery
For the day that is in you will need something special to wear. The dress yes, but also a piece of timeless beauty. Vintage neck pieces and earrings are available at Matthew Weldons which will set of the look you need on one of the most special days of your life. Also these are ideal gift ideas for a bride to be, to give her a lovely surprise.
Eternity rings
To be worn on their own or stacked with another ring eternity rings are the versatility ring of the jewellery world. They can be worn with almost anything. Also an ideal gift for that special someone. We stock half eternity rings and full ones as well as diamond and coloured stone rings.