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Irish silver

Irish hallmarked silver is one of the rarest silvers in the world. Dublin silver being the most widely available there is also some provincial silver so rare were you to find any it could be worth a small fortune. We specialise in rare and wonderful early Irish silver and love to give all the detail and history surrounding that object. As such whenever you get an item from us you get a report detailing the history of the piece (so far as we know it) and also an explanation of any marks on the piece. These items are truly special, great to collect and great as a gift. You can be rest assured that we are the number one place to assess these pieces with over 125 years of experience in the family in buying and selling Irish silver and have assisted in building some of the greatest collections extant. So join us and get a beautiful item or let us know if you plan to start collecting and we can send you details about the reference books we can provide. Remember knowledge is power people. Éire go brách.

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