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Ruby rings

Rubies are named after the latin for red “ruber” and their deep red colour has turned them into something of a mystical gem over the generations. Believed in some cultures to have healing powers and in others to offer protection in battle these are the perfect stone for anyone who wants to make a statement. Fine ruby is one of the most valuable stones in the world and ideal for an heirloom piece.

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Appraised value: 7,950.00

Octagonal ruby and diamond ring with double target

Appraised value: 1,450.00

18kt gold ruby and diamond ring , 1908

Appraised value: 2,650.00

Ruby and diamond ring set in silver and gold

Appraised value: 10,500.00

Original period ring from c.1920 set with rubies and diamonds

Appraised value: 6,950.00

A superb 1920’s sapphire and ruby Art Deco two stone ring

Appraised value: 6,950.00

Ruby and diamond bezel set cluster ring

Appraised value: 14,500.00

Vintage diamond and ruby double row target ring

Appraised value: 1,550.00

18kt solid gold, ruby ring from 1906

Appraised value: 7,500.00

1.34ct ruby set with fine white diamonds

Appraised value: 1,950.00

Square cut ruby and diamond half eternity in yellow gold

Appraised value: 7,750.00
Ruby and diamond ring

Deep red ruby and diamond three stone ring

Appraised value: 7,950.00

1880’s Victorian ruby and diamond 5 stone ring

Appraised value: 9,500.00

Natural pearl, diamond and ruby panel ring from the Victorian Era

Appraised value: 5,950.00

Edwardian style ruby and diamond double cluster ring