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Appraised value: 12,950.00

1.01ct, D colour and VVS2 diamond solitaire ring with diamond shoulders

Appraised value: 5,700.00

18kt Gold Edwardian Natural Pearl and old European cut Diamond ring

Appraised value: 4,995.00

18kt Gold Est 0.5ct Diamond centre stone with old cut diamonds surround, Art Deco ring.

Appraised value: 9,000.00

1920’s Art deco, 1.12ct Diamond ring set in platinum

Appraised value: 8,700.00

Classic vintage diamond solitaire – 1ct H VS

Appraised value: 42,500.00
Solitaire diamond engagement rings

Superb 2.01ct, E colour diamond solitaire with double row of diamonds on each shoulder

Appraised value: 19,800.00

1.7ct, F/G colour and VS clarity diamond solitaire set in platinum

Appraised value: 10,250.00

1.26ct, H colour and VS2 clarity diamond solitaire ring

Appraised value: 2,890.00

Fine diamond ring set in 18kt yellow gold. Stamped on the inside of the band as having 0.7cts of diamonds

Appraised value: 9,900.00

Original 1.39ct Antique cushion cut diamond set in platinum

Appraised value: 8,500.00

0.98ct antique cushion cut diamond ring

Appraised value: 1,950.00

A diamond antique cluster ring from c.1900

Appraised value: 1,750.00

Antique five stone diamond ring

Appraised value: 1,250.00

18kt gold Victorian hand carved gold ring

Appraised value: 8,200.00

Art deco 1ct, G colour and VS clarity square emerald cut diamond ring.

Appraised value: 7,900.00

0.9ct D VS 1920’s diamond ring

Appraised value: 10,500.00

Original period ring from c.1920 set with rubies and diamonds

Appraised value: 3,500.00

Solitaire ring set in 18kt yellow gold and platinum

Appraised value: 10,500.00

1920’s, 1.16ct, D colour marquis shaped diamond ring

Appraised value: 12,500.00

1.07, E colour, VS2 clarity, original 1920’s diamond solitaire ring

Appraised value: 13,500.00

Baguette and round cut target ring

Appraised value: 14,950.00

1.2ct, G colour and VS1 clarity platinum Boodles ring

Appraised value: 2,550.00

Double banded diamond eternity ring in 18kt rose gold

Appraised value: 12,750.00

1.5ct cushion cut emerald target ring

Appraised value: 10,950.00

Antique 1.2ct F/G VS cushion cut diamond ring in 18kt yellow gold

Appraised value: 32,500.00

Superb blue 8ct sapphire ring with diamond shoulders

Appraised value: 1,500.00

A fine diamond half eternity ring, set with an 18kt yellow gold band.

Appraised value: 4,950.00

0.75ct Diamond Solitaire set in 18kt Gold

Appraised value: 1,500.00

E/F colour diamond half eternity platinum ring

Superb diamond half eternity ring

Appraised value: 8,950.00

2.2ct antique cushion cut diamond five stone ring

Appraised value: 7,950.00

Diamond solitaire ring with princess cut diamond shoulders set in platinum

Appraised value: 2,950.00

Stunning diamond solitaire ring set in 18kt gold

Appraised value: 4,950.00

1 carat diamond three stone ring in yellow gold

Appraised value: 39,500.00

1.92, F, Flawless diamond soliatire ring – signed “Edge” of London

Appraised value: 6,500.00

Platinum emerald and diamond ring with 0.4ct central diamond

Appraised value: 5,000.00

Victorian emerald and diamond antique ring set in 18kt gold

Appraised value: 1,750.00

Diamond solitaire ring and fitted wedding band

Appraised value: 1,650.00

Platinum and diamond grain set half eternity ring

Appraised value: 650.00

0.2ct diamond solitaire diamond ring with star shaped illusion set

Appraised value: 7,200.00

0.8ct,H, VS, 1930’s ring signed “Lamberts”

Appraised value: 14,950.00

1.73ct E colour pear shaped diamond ring

Platinum set Est 0.5ct centre stone Art Deco VS ring

Platinum Set 1920s Art Deo Diamond Est 0.75ct F/G Ring

Appraised value: 4,200.00

Platinum Art Deco Est 0.5ct Diamond Solitaire

Appraised value: 19,500.00

Platinum Art Deco Solitaire Est 2.14ct Diamond Est VS.

Appraised value: 11,300.00

Platinum Est 1.82ct Old Cushion Cut Diamond Est VS.

Platinum set Est 0.98ct Diamond Art Deco 1920s Est SI ring

Appraised value: 9,200.00

Platinum set Diamond Art Deco Plaque 3 Stone ring

Appraised value: 4,950.00

Vintage sapphire and diamond cluster set in 18kt gold