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Aquamarine rings

Aquamarine is a beautiful beryl gemstone which shows comes in different stunning shades of ocean blue. These are rings that can really make a statement. We stock a range of aquamarine rings and like some of the other gemstones the value is largely determined by colour rather than carat weight. These rings are sizeable to most finger sizes.

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Appraised value: 5,500.00

18kt Gold Aquamarine Diamond Cluster ring

Appraised value: 8,950.00

Period aquamarine ring set with rubies in white gold

Appraised value: 9,950.00

1.5cts diamonds and 4ct aquamarine ring

Appraised value: 1,500.00

Diamond and aquamarine three stone ring

Appraised value: 4,500.00

1920’s 6ct aquamarine and diamond ring

Appraised value: 8,200.00

4.4ct aquamarine and diamond ring set

Appraised value: 2,750.00

Pear shaped aquamarine and diamond ring set in 14kt white gold.

Appraised value: 8,500.00

Aquamarine and diamond vintage double cluster ring