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Antique jewellery

When we talk of antique jewellery the general rule of thumb is that the items are over 100 years old. This is a time when craft and quality were at the forefront of production. This is a time with no excel management systems assessing output per hour and definetly no CAD systems churning out computer generated designs. Jewellery produced in this era was produced by the eye of craftspeople to have maximum appeal to the human eye. As they are also all handmade they also all have their own little nuances which make them special and unique. So be inspired by these antique gems and go for something that is genuinely rare and scarce.

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9kt gold guard chain

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Superb victorian 9kt gold guard chain

Appraised value: 3,500.00

Amethyst and diamond Art Deco ring set in 18kt gold

Appraised value: 9,900.00

Original 1.39ct Antique cushion cut diamond set in platinum

Appraised value: 2,900.00

Antique 18kt gold Fenian Claddagh ring

Appraised value: 1,750.00

Antique five stone diamond ring

Appraised value: 2,650.00

Ruby and diamond ring set in silver and gold

Appraised value: 1,900.00

Antique twist bangle

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15kt gold Victorian twist bangle

Appraised value: 950.00

1901 made in Birmingham Edwardian emerald and pearl ring

Appraised value: 1,650.00

18kt gold opal ring from 1908

Appraised value: 950.00

Made in Chester in 1904 ruby and diamond 5 stone ring

Appraised value: 2,750.00

Pear shaped aquamarine and diamond ring set in 14kt white gold.

Appraised value: 975.00

Made in Chester 1901, antique 18kt gold ring

Appraised value: 1,650.00

18kt gold antique serpent ring set with ruby and diamonds

Appraised value: 7,750.00
Ruby and diamond ring

Deep red ruby and diamond three stone ring

Appraised value: 5,500.00

Art Deco sapphire, diamond and ruby ring set in platinum

Appraised value: 1,950.00

18kt gold antique serpent ring set with diamonds

Appraised value: 42,500.00

Original antique 3.72cts yellow gold three stone diamond ring

Appraised value: 2,350.00

An 1871 heart shaped almandine garnet ring set with seed pearls

Appraised value: 1,600.00

18kt gold, 1890’s natural pearl and diamond five stone ring

Appraised value: 3,750.00

Antique 18kt gold sapphire and diamond serpent ring

Appraised value: 1,800.00

Rose gold vintage hand engraved bangle

Appraised value: 14,500.00

1.25ct F colour vintage diamond solitaire ring