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Amethyst rings

In historical times Amethyst was one of the most valuable gems in the world. Although still a valuable gem, following a discovery of large mines in Brazil and other locations in the 18th and 19th century it became more available to the general public and not just a gem for the royalty of the world. Although it is nice to know the Royals of the times were decked out in some of the finest Amethysts imaginable. Coming from the Greek “amethystos” meaning “intoxicate” : due to the belief that it protects it’s owner from drunkenness. We can not verify the veracity of this claim however that was the belief at the time. It is important to note that the value of an Amethyst is derived largely from the colour and not from the carat weight. We stock a range of Amethyst rings with beautiful violet and purple hues and all can be adjusted to fit most finger sizes.

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Appraised value: 3,500.00

Amethyst and diamond Art Deco ring set in 18kt gold