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Fine Jewellery

Matthew Weldon specialises in the curation of the finest jewellery available. Set with precious gemstones these pieces are heirloom quality. Picking out a pre-loved treasure is an important decision and we are here to provide you with all the information so you can make an informed decision on our fine antique jewellery collection. We stock a range of fine diamond and gemstone vintage jewellery as well as fine signed pieces by world-renowned houses. If you are looking for something truly special you have come to the right place

Brooches add a touch of class to any jewellery wardrobe. From diamond and gem set art deco brooches to Victorian masterpieces. We stock a range of brooches from all era's.
Earrings are a fabulous addition to any jewellery collection. Diamond studs, gold earrings, signed pieces as well as a host of other options are available here to give you that extra sparkle.
Dress rings
These rings are perfect for the right hand or just about any finger you want to wear them on. A mixture of different materials and gems offer a wide variety of colour and charm.
Ruby rings
Rubies are named after the latin for red "ruber" and their deep red colour has turned them into something of a mystical gem over the generations. Believed in some cultures to have healing powers and in others to offer protection in battle these are the perfect stone for anyone who wants to make a statement. Fine ruby is one of the most valuable stones in the world and ideal for an heirloom piece.
Sapphire rings
Sapphire is one of the most sought after coloured stones in the world and we love them here at Matthew Weldon. Brought back into the public eye by Diana and now again by the Duchess of Cambridge the luxurious blue hues of fine sapphires can really be a special thing to behold. A lot of the finest sapphires come from mines that have long since been depleted and so in order to find these quality gems a lot of the time you have to go vintage.
Emerald rings
Emeralds have been adored for generations by different peoples all across the world. From India to Egypt to South America these rare treasures have fascinated Kings, Queens and Pharaohs. We offer a range of superb quality Emeralds in beautiful vintage and antique settings. Much like other coloured stones the top examples of emeralds are extremely valuable stones and beautiful to wear and adore.
Gemstone rings
There are so many gemstones out there that do not get the limelight like some of the other more well known ones. We do not discriminate and love all gemstones ! We stock a range of different gemstones to make sure you get a ring and gemstone as unique as the person wearing it.
Opal rings
The stone with the best play of colour you will find in the world of gemstones. Opal is usually black, grey or white but can be found in other colours. Opal is a fiery stone for a fierce person. With flashes of colour everytime it moves. What to look for in a good opal is a bright and lively play of colour throughout the stone with no dead spots and also for it to be set in a beautiful way. Our opals our selected based on these characteristics- excellent play of colour , consistent throughout stone and set in a lovely piece of jewellery.
Amethyst rings
In historical times Amethyst was one of the most valuable gems in the world. Although still a valuable gem, following a discovery of large mines in Brazil and other locations in the 18th and 19th century it became more available to the general public and not just a gem for the royalty of the world. Although it is nice to know the Royals of the times were decked out in some of the finest Amethysts imaginable. Coming from the Greek "amethystos" meaning "intoxicate" : due to the belief that it protects it's owner from drunkenness. We can not verify the veracity of this claim however that was the belief at the time. It is important to note that the value of an Amethyst is derived largely from the colour and not from the carat weight. We stock a range of Amethyst rings with beautiful violet and purple hues and all can be adjusted to fit most finger sizes.
Aquamarine rings
Aquamarine is a beautiful beryl gemstone which shows comes in different stunning shades of ocean blue. These are rings that can really make a statement. We stock a range of aquamarine rings and like some of the other gemstones the value is largely determined by colour rather than carat weight. These rings are sizeable to most finger sizes.
Antique jewellery
When we talk of antique jewellery the general rule of thumb is that the items are over 100 years old. This is a time when craft and quality were at the forefront of production. This is a time with no excel management systems assessing output per hour and definetly no CAD systems churning out computer generated designs. Jewellery produced in this era was produced by the eye of craftspeople to have maximum appeal to the human eye. As they are also all handmade they also all have their own little nuances which make them special and unique. So be inspired by these antique gems and go for something that is genuinely rare and scarce.
Vintage jewellery
When we talk of vintage jewellery the general rule of thumb is that the items are over 25 years old or maybe a little more recent but vintage in style. Vintage jewellery can go from the 1920's until the 1990's. As such you get a broad range of styles. We stock a superb range of vintage jewellery in Dublin, and these pre-loved treasures are sure to capture your imagination with their classic and stylish designs.
Irish jewellery
Irish jewellery can be quite rare much like Irish silver. However we are well tuned in to hunting it out. Despite it's rarity there are some fine examples of Irish jewellery out there and we make it our mission to find them. The Irish hallmarks which are stamped at the historic Dublin castle help to identify it but where these are not present as not all jewellery went for hallmarking the maker and style can help attribute it to being a home grown beauty.
Find our collection of necklaces and pendants here. We stock an eclectic range of some beautiful antique and vintage necklaces set with precious stones and crafted in valuable metals.
Find our collection of bracelets and bangles here. We stock an eclectic range of some beautiful antique and vintage pieces set with precious stones and crafted in valuable metals.
Signed fine jewellery
We are Irelands leading stockist of pre-loved designer jewellery. There are plenty of consignment shops who do a mix of different consignment goods but we are the only dedicated specialist when it comes to these shiny baubles and have the best range of Tiffany, Cartier, Hermès, Bvlgari, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and more. In this section we exhibit the top end of these pieces and with designers like those mentioned these are some of the most stylish and well made pieces around.
Pearl jewellery
Pearls come in all shapes, sizes and textures. A very luxurious material used in jewellery and we all deserve a taste of luxury. Pearls are usually evaluated based on seven value factors - Size, Shape, Color, Nacre, Luster, Surface, and Matching - and these are the factors we consider when assessing our pearls to ensure you get a fine quality piece of pearl jewellery.
The unusual
You simply cannot categorise all types of jewellery and for those pieces which cannot be constrained by the boundaries of any category they go here ! Amen.