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Gemstone engagement rings

Different coloured gemstones have been used in jewellery for generations, particularly in gemstone engagement rings. They offer beautiful bright colours and alternative to a diamond ring. The blue of a sapphire, the green of an emerald and the red of ruby are some of the best known coloured stones however there are other options out there which could help you find a unique piece of jewellery she will love.

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Appraised value: 5,500.00

18kt Gold Aquamarine Diamond Cluster ring

Appraised value: 3,950.00

18kt Gold set Sapphire 0.7ct Est Diamond Antique Cluster c1915

Appraised value: 7,950.00

Octagonal ruby and diamond ring with double target

Appraised value: 1,450.00

18kt gold ruby and diamond ring , 1908

Appraised value: 8,500.00

0.98ct antique cushion cut diamond ring

Appraised value: 2,650.00

Ruby and diamond ring set in silver and gold

Appraised value: 1,100.00

Ruby and diamond vintage ring

Appraised value: 1,250.00

18kt gold Victorian hand carved gold ring

Appraised value: 10,500.00

Original period ring from c.1920 set with rubies and diamonds

Appraised value: 8,200.00

4.4ct aquamarine and diamond ring set

Appraised value: 6,950.00

A superb 1920’s sapphire and ruby Art Deco two stone ring

Appraised value: 6,250.00

1920’s asscher cut diamond and emerald ring

Appraised value: 6,950.00

Ruby and diamond bezel set cluster ring

Appraised value: 17,500.00

Natural an unheated sapphire and diamond 1940’s cocktail ring set in 18kt yellow gold

Appraised value: 3,500.00

Signed Cartier “Ellipse” ring – 1992 in 18kt yellow gold

Appraised value: 21,500.00

3.08ct Superb Colombian emerald and diamond ring

Appraised value: 12,750.00

1.5ct cushion cut emerald target ring

Appraised value: 32,500.00

Superb blue 8ct sapphire ring with diamond shoulders

Appraised value: 14,500.00

Vintage diamond and ruby double row target ring

Appraised value: 950.00

1901 made in Birmingham Edwardian emerald and pearl ring

Appraised value: 1,550.00

18kt solid gold, ruby ring from 1906

Appraised value: 6,500.00

Platinum emerald and diamond ring with 0.4ct central diamond

Colombian emerald and 2.4cts diamond ring

Appraised value: 7,500.00

1.34ct ruby set with fine white diamonds

Appraised value: 2,800.00

Antique moonstone and diamond cluster ring

Certified jade and diamond ring from c.1920

Appraised value: 4,950.00

Intricate pink sapphire ring set in platinum

Appraised value: 7,750.00
Ruby and diamond ring

Deep red ruby and diamond three stone ring

Appraised value: 6,500.00

Sapphire and diamond double target ring

Appraised value: 12,500.00

Art deco style sapphire and diamond double target ring

Appraised value: 7,250.00

Superb vintage sapphire and diamond three stone ring

Appraised value: 7,250.00

Beautiful 18kt gold sapphire and diamond ring

Appraised value: 2,500.00

Vintage sapphire and diamond five stone ring in yellow gold

Appraised value: 995.00

Wide band turquoise and pearl three stone ring

Appraised value: 7,950.00

1880’s Victorian ruby and diamond 5 stone ring

Appraised value: 5,950.00

Edwardian style ruby and diamond double cluster ring