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Vintage Engagement Rings

Finding one-of-a-kind vintage engagement rings is our passion in this world. Why would you go for a ring that is antique or vintage in style but mass produced on a production line somewhere – when you could get the real deal? Timeless, unique and handcrafted to the highest quality. When it comes to antique engagement rings we buy everything individually and we do not mass produce anything. These distinctive rings are as unique as you are. They all have a history and you can add your own special story to these pre-loved treasures.

Solitaire Diamond Rings

Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

These classic beauties are sure to catch the eye. Solitaire diamond engagement rings set with quality gemstones, we love nothing more than these stylish pieces. With designs which have stood the test of time, she is sure to love this unique timeless beauty.
Antique and vintage rings

Vintage And Antique Engagement Rings

Classic with a twist. These vintage and antique engagement rings all have a story and come from various generations. From Victorian, Edwardian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau to the decadant 20's and the retro 60's and 70's you will find the piece which suits your style and individual taste.
Branded rings

Branded Engagement Rings

So many designers all in one place. You will find suave French goldsmiths like Cartier, Mauboussin and Boucheron, classy American designers from Tiffany & Co. to David Yurman and fabulous Italian designers such as Bvlgari and Buccellati . These branded engagement rings have something special to them and with their quality design and stylish finish they will be something to cherish for generations to come.
Multi-stone rings
If one stone is not enough for you try getting two or more. Three stones being the most classic of the multi-stone rings however you will find beautiful four, five, seven stones and sometimes even more. These rings give fantastic life and bling while maintaining the classic look.
Diamond cluster rings
A cluster of diamonds give these rings a beautiful sparkle. Here you will find beautiful halo rings which frame a stunning centre stone and also vintage and antique cluster rings from a different generation which just ooze elegance.
Gemstone engagement rings
Different coloured gemstones have been used in jewellery for generations, particularly in gemstone engagement rings. They offer beautiful bright colours and alternative to a diamond ring. The blue of a sapphire, the green of an emerald and the red of ruby are some of the best known coloured stones however there are other options out there which could help you find a unique piece of jewellery she will love.