Our Story - Matthew Weldon

Our Story

Pre-loved vintage gems – significantly below retail

We are envisioning a more personal, accessible and enjoyable way to trade fine jewellery and engagement rings.

Our collection of vintage, antique and estate pieces are sure to capture your imagination.

Authenticity guaranteed.

Born to hunt

Our Story Begin

Matthew Weldon’s founder was always going to work in the Jewellery business. Coming from a family who are in the business over 125 years it was in his blood from the time he could walk. Matthew was always a treasure hunter and attended the IADA Antiques show in the RDS every year growing up, rooting through all the stalls looking for something to play with. A real interest was sparked in the business when he accompanied his parents to Miami for a trade show in 1999. The pace of the business, the excitement and especially the hunt for something special appealed to his sense of adventure.

Then came University and following a degree in Marketing & French in DIT,  Matthew wanted to get a broader view of the business world and joined KPMG where he trained as an ACA accountant for four years working on some high profile Irish and International companies.  While in KPMG Matthew attended various house clearances and auctions. He noticed that there was no systematic way to buy, sell and trade fine jewellery.

No systematic way to buy,sell or trade fine jewellery

That’s where we come in

There are and have always been jewellery dealers, auction houses and private sellers but Matthew Weldon is creating a integrated marketplace where jewellery can be bought, traded and sold. Many enterprises are trying to do this entirely online. However Matthew learned the importance of having a physical presence while at the family business. You can be  a global online store but you need to be grounded in bricks and mortar. He considered running an exclusively online business but for two things he learned while working at the family business ;

1) A physical showroom is the cheapest way to run a jewellery business, with incidental passing trade more then covering any overhead costs or rent and also an online business can fit seamlessy into the day to day of a store too.   Cheap to run means cheap, quality goods to clients at unbeatable prices ;
2) Relationships. Your jeweller must be someone who you know where they are. You must be able to rely on them and build a lasting relationship or drop in when you like to see what goodies they have. Call us old fashioned, and we are sure some will, but isn’t it just nice to be able to call into your jeweller if you ever have a query. This reliable presence is something we bring to our physical store but also our online store aiming to respond to all queries within 48 hours.

The difference with Matthew Weldons is that we integrate the benefits of an e-commerce model with those of a traditional model. The result is prices which cannot be touched elsewhere, transparency, quality and a personal approach you can rely on. Retro with a twist you could say !

Our guiding values

To be as clear as day : transparency

Buying a piece of fine jewellery must be clear and transparent. At Matthew Weldon we believe in giving the full story with our appraisals and pieces. But appraisals are subjective. So unless you’re buying a loose diamond that is GIA, HRD or IGI certified, the appraised value is largely determined by the nuances of the market. You therefore want an appraiser who knows the market upside down, inside out and back to front. Someone who’s seen innumerable amounts of pieces, to be the one assessing your piece. That’s why in addition to vast experience, our appraisers are GIA trained. In short, our appraisers are the best out there. If you trust a seller and the retail price is your gauge, you may very well have a beautiful piece but you’ll never recover that face value, forget about getting a return on investment. For that you will want an heirloom quality piece below retail. That’s why everything listed on Matthew Weldon is priced significantly below retail and are pre-loved treasures. Every piece is examined, appraised and displayed in the same consistent way. Therefore you know what you are getting into and you can be guaranteed you are getting a good deal. For real.

Value is in Timeless Beauty

In a world of fast furniture, fast fashion and fast food. There is something so transient about it all. Fine vintage or estate jewellery is something that you will have forever. Something to keep in your family for generations to come. There is something really special about that. This will be the piece that you wore a to a particular wedding or two, the one that got you more compliments than the rest of your wardrobe combined and the one that makes you walk a bit taller and stand a bit prouder every time you wear it. It is these little joys in our lives which make these little treasures so special…. They add the sparkle to the drab menial tasks that we so often find ourselves doing. Amen to that. Ohh did we mention that vintage jewellery can be 80% cheaper than the new equivalent and due to the hand crafted nature of it has an unparalleled quality.

Jewellery should be worn and we all deserve a taste of luxury

The aim of the game is to make buying and selling jewellery more transparent and personal while giving fantastic value. We are re-claiming the world of yesterday and crafting an open and accessible world to buy and sell fine jewellery. Yesterday if you wanted to get “a steal” you had to place your bets with imported diamonds or anonymous diamond brokers.  It would often cost you your shirt … or at least your wallet. Vintage and Estate jewellery is the best way to buy- guaranteed. Matthew Weldon believes no jewellery should languish in a safety box, vault or safe. They were made to be worn and must fulfil their calling in life. Shoes need to walk, bags to be hung from arms and jewellery needs to be worn. Invest in a few key pieces at Matthew Weldon and get the wow factor all day everyday.

Sustainability for generations to come

Jewellery whether estate, vintage or antique was made many moons ago. It was crafted, cut, polished and presented for sale before. We get pieces, we restore them (if required and possible), clean them and offer them for sale. We don’t use newly mined materials as such there is no environmental impact. Jewellery and antiques truly are the ultimate reusable goods. Gold doesn’t tarnish, diamonds don’t fade and sapphires don’t break. So when you are wearing your beautiful vintage pieces you can be safe in the knowledge that it is a carbon neutral decision.

Quality is a constant

Earrings, necklaces, rings, antique, Victorian, vintage, diamond, sapphire, ruby, emerald: it doesn’t matter ! Everything we provide is a quality piece. Keep to quality and you will always have something you will love. That’s why every piece we sell comes with an authenticity report for peace of mind.


Each member of our team has a deep and passionate love for everything vintage and jewellery. Believe us, when you find out just how diverse our range of jewellery and vintage pieces are or how helpful our customer support department is, know that it’s all thanks to these people!

We are chuffed that you have decided to join us along this path, for each of us it is not just about jewellery or vintage. It is about approaching the world of antique and vintage goods from a new perspective. Learning from what and who has gone before us and respecting their know-how and experience but also infusing our ideas, energy and passion into the mix. History is the best indicator of what will happen next. So watch this space and join us for the journey.

Matthew Weldon
Matthew Weldon
CEO and Founder

Coming from a long line of jewellers Matthew is our master appraiser and chief buyer. When he is not hunting for the next special piece for our clients he is an avid hurler with Ballyboden St. Endas.

Aoife Healy
Aoife Healy
Brand ambassador

Mega positive brand ambassador always ready to help you make the right choice. Aoife does most of our photoshoots and has a keen eye for a stunning engagement ring but when she is not doing shoots here she can be found Irish dancing or looking after stray cats.


Initially, I found this a very daunting process, however, Matthew quickly put me at ease. He provided a comprehensive explanation of ring classifications; quality, colour, vintage or new etc. which resulted in me getting real bang for my buck and a happy new fiance at the end of it all. I couldn’t recommend Matthew enough for buying a gift for someone who will know a lot more about the purchase than you will.

Plunkett Tormay

My father asked me to help him purchase a ring for my mother to mark a special occasion. I found Matthew Weldon Jewellers to be very knowledgeable and reliable. It was all explained to me in great detail regards the quality and the cut of the rings. I gave my price range and was shown a fabulous range within budget. I would highly recommend shopping with Matthew Weldon

Kate O’Reilly