What Are Promise Rings?

What Are Promise Rings?

Every relationship develops at its own pace. As a couple journey along together, their relationship has its own landmarks and sign markers. A first weekend away leads to a first holiday and eventually perhaps a honeymoon. At some point, you are spending so much time in each other’s home, it makes sense to have a little drawer space in your partner’s place, then you exchange keys and eventually decide that you’d rather share a home. The road a couple travels together in their relationship today is generally longer and more twisty than it was a couple of generations ago. But one thing remains the same. Rings.

Vintage rings are ample proof that couples have long worn these tokens of love. We use rings to signify where we are in our relationship. A wedding ring tells the world you’ve made a lifelong commitment. An engagement ring announces that you have made a solid decision to get married and plans are being made. But what about that long stretch of comfortable commitment before the engagement? That period is longer and busier with landmark moments such as travelling and living together than it used to be. But previous generations still acknowledged being a solid, committed couple before getting engaged. That’s what a promise ring communicates. They tell the world you are not merely dating each other, but your relationship is serious and faithful.

Are Promise Rings Cheap Engagement Rings?

Promise rings are not cheap engagement rings, although they are generally less expensive than engagement rings. The promise is not that the couple will get married, but that they will be faithful and committed to each other. Couples have exchanged rings as expressions of love since antiquity, and promise rings are one specific type of romantic ring. You can find gorgeous vintage rings that make excellent promise rings. They might have been worn as a promise ring once!

One very important thing to consider if you are thinking of giving your beloved a promise ring is what exactly it means to you. The point of a promise ring is flexible. It can mean that you intend to get engaged but aren’t ready yet. Or it can simply mean that you are in a committed relationship and say nothing about your future intentions.

Some people give their beloved a promise ring when they propose, and then choose an engagement ring together. These promise rings, sometimes called token rings, act as a placeholder until the official engagement ring is selected. On the other hand, some couples choose to wear promise rings and don’t plan to get married at all. Like everything in a relationship, it is important to have clear communication and expectations.

Vintage rings make excellent promise rings. You can often find something dazzling for less than a similar new ring, and you can find things that are very unusual too. Vintage rings come from so many eras that you can find ones totally unlike what’s on offer at mainstream jewellers. There are no rules about what your promise ring should look like, but many people prefer something more understated than an engagement ring to avoid confusion. And if you do eventually get engaged, you don’t want your engagement ring to be overshadowed by your promise ring!

Promise rings can be worn on any finger, but they are most often worn on the ring finger of the left hand. If you become engaged, the promise ring is moved to the right hand. Eternity and half eternity rings are popular for promise rings, as are Claddagh rings.